Fruit and vegetables - diversified, exotic and fresh!


Hand in hand with reliable partners.

Being an expert in European fruit trading, INTER is a reliable partner for customers and suppliers alike. This has brought us huge success in the long term - hand in hand with our partners.

Fyffes is one of the leading fruit brands and the second biggest importer of bananas in Europe. The company has had a reputation for being a reliable producer guaranteeing excellent quality since 1888.

INTER has been the exclusive representative for the Nino brand in Europe since 2003. Since the successful introduction of the Nino Gold pineapple, the product range is being expanded consistently. For example, INTER was able to market the Nino papaya for the first time in Europe by importing ripe and ready-to-eat fruit by sea route. In addition to these two products, meanwhile also melons are offered under this quality brand.


In 2002, INTER signed a license user agreement for this brand with the company Underberg, domiciled in Rheinberg and owner of the “Pitu” brand, for fresh limes from Brazil.

With the start of this agreement, INTER is the exclusive distributor of fresh limes under this brand in Europe.



The "Deutsche Fruchthandelsverband" is the national association of the German fruit and vegetable trade, representing its interests at both national and international level.


INTER is a member of this special initiative to promote fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. A long-term campaign is being conducted to boost sales of fruit and vegetables in Germany by raising awareness of their value as a safe, healthy food.

The "Hamburger Fruchtspedition Weidner & Co."is our competent partner in carrying fresh fruits, especially bananas and pineapples.


For more than forty years, "Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG" has been INTER's partner for trans-shipment at the port of Hamburg.



INTER's partner for transshipment at the port of Antwerp is the Belgian New
Fruit Wharf.